Insight Chiropractic – Whether you are a professional athlete, play sports for fun, or simply enjoy working out, seeing a sports medicine chiropractor is one of the best ways you can enhance your athletic performance and improve your overall health and wellness. Unlike a traditional chiropractor, sports chiropractors specialize in diagnosing and treating athletic-related conditions and injuries using non-invasive spine and joint manipulation.

They also have extensive knowledge in developing treatment plans that focus on injury prevention, rehab, training, and optimizing performance. If you are experiencing pain from a sports-related injury or are interested in how chiropractic care can improve your health, the following are six reasons every athlete should see a sports medicine chiropractor.

What Conditions Can a Sports Medicine Chiropractor Treat and Prevent?

Athletes experience greater wear and tear on their bodies than an average person and face many health-related challenges that can be treated effectively using chiropractic care. This is why the American Chiropractic Association says as many as 90 percent of pro athletes visit a chiropractor regularly. The following are some of the most common injuries sports chiropractors can help treat and prevent:

  • Back Injuries
  • Concussion and TBI Symptoms
  • Knee Injuries (e.g. ACL Tears, Dislocations)
  • Overuse Injuries
  • Sciatica Pain
  • Shoulder, Elbow, & Wrist Injuries
  • Sprained Joints & Muscles
  • Tennis Elbow

Why Visit a Sports Medicine Chiropractor

Prevent Injuries Before They Happen

Many people only see a chiropractor after an injury occurs or they are experiencing pain. But did you know that proactive visits are one of the best ways to prevent an injury from happening in the first place? Sports chiropractors specialize in keeping the body functioning at its best using spinal manipulations and other exercises to improve musculoskeletal and nerve health.

Regular visits also allow chiropractors to monitor changes in your bone, joint, and muscle health. If a problem is detected, chiropractic adjustments can correct a small issue before it becomes something serious over time.

Get Pain Relief Without Drugs or Surgery

For most athletes, drugs and surgery are not the best options for treating pain or injuries. Surgery is costly, comes with risks for complications, and requires considerable time to recover. Additionally, medications often only mask your symptoms and can lead to addiction and side effects that could possibly impede your athletic abilities.

Chiropractic care uses a conservative approach to address the root causes of pain and injuries, allowing the body to heal naturally and more quickly.

Restore Range of Motion

Athletes must be flexible and in the best shape possible in order to stay competitive, healthy, and focused. If your body has a limited range of motion, not only will it be more difficult to score a goal or win a race, but it will also increase your likelihood of experiencing an injury.

If you are looking for an effective way to enhance flexibility and strength, regular sports chiropractic care is highly effective. Through spinal manipulation and corrective adjustments, chiropractors can determine if something is out of place and work to ensure the body is healthy for the physical demands of an athlete.

Improve Recovery Time

When a sports-related injury occurs, athletes want to get back to their favorite activities as soon as possible. However, it can be dangerous to return to an active lifestyle if the body has not had enough time to recover. If you are looking to expedite the recovery process, you should consider chiropractic care.

Chiropractic treatments ease pain naturally through spinal manipulation and other exercises. Once the spine is in alignment and the muscles are loosened, painful nerve pressure subsides, tight ligaments and tendons begin to relax, and blood flow improves, allowing the body to heal naturally and return to normal function.

Find the Source of Your Injury

It is not uncommon for athletes to experience symptoms and receive treatment without ever getting to the bottom of what is actually causing their condition or injury. This often leads to further complications and serious injuries down the road. One of the biggest advantages of chiropractic care is its hands-on approach to wellness and improving the whole person.

A sports chiropractor will use adjustments to restore balance, improve flexibility, relieve stress, and optimize the body so it can begin to heal. Sports medicine chiropractors will also coordinate care with other doctors, physical therapists, and healthcare professionals to ensure the athlete is receiving the best treatment possible.

Stay Healthy

Chiropractic care is much more than a solution for pain and injuries. There is also an interesting connection between regular adjustments, overall health, and quality of life. Although research on the links between chiropractic care and the immune system is still inconclusive, as noted in a recent report from the World Federation of Chiropractic, there are a number of other ways chiropractic adjustments can improve your overall health and wellness.

Better breathing, blood pressure, sleep, digestion, mental health, and energy levels are just a few advantages patients may experience with consistent chiropractic care. Be sure to inform your chiropractor of any health concerns you are experiencing. They will work closely with you to understand your symptoms and lifestyle to develop a treatment plan that meets your needs.

Sports Chiropractor

The primary goal of every sports medicine chiropractor is to support their patients in achieving the best health possible naturally, without medications or invasive procedures.

Whether you are a professional athlete or just play for fun, chiropractic care can help you prevent injuries, manage pain, and be well so you don’t miss any time doing the things you love. For more information on chiropractic care for athletes and to schedule an appointment, contact Insight today.


Q: What is a Sports Medicine Chiropractor?

A: A sports medicine chiropractor specializes in diagnosing and treating a wide range of conditions and injuries common in athletes. Unlike a traditional doctor, sports chiropractors use a natural approach and work closely with athletes to improve body function, treat pain and injuries, and enhance overall health and performance.

Q: Do I Have to Be Injured to See a Sports Medicine Chiropractor?

A: No. Regular chiropractic care from a sports chiropractor can help patients stay healthy, improve performance, and detect potential issues or injuries before they become a problem.

Q: Can Children See a Sports Medicine Chiropractor?

A: Yes. Sports chiropractors can help young athletes of all ages prevent and treat injuries, address balance and posture issues, and stay healthy as their skeletal system is developing.